What are certified buildings and should I purchase one?

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Certified buildings are engineered to meet a specific snow and/or wind load for the area in which you live. Many areas, particularly in the northeast and along the coastal regions, require a specific wind or snow load. You should be aware of your area's requirements and purchase a structure that meets your area's requirements. You

What are the spacing of the frame legs and roof bows/trusses?

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As a general rule, the spacing of the frame legs and roof bows/trusses are 4 feet or 5 feet on center for single-wide buildings (up to 12 feet wide) and double-wide buildings (up to 24 feet wide) Buildings up to 24 feet wide typically use a roof bow. The spacing of the frame legs and

What site preparation do I need to do before building is installed?

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You must ensure that the site designated for installation is a flat and square surface. In order to provide you with affordable quality products, with quick installation, site preparation, as well as building permits, are your responsibility. You are 100% responsible for any local permits, covenant searches, rights of way, set-back restrictions, etc.

How are the buildings anchored?

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Three anchoring methods are used to secure the structures. If the structure is to be installed on a concrete pad or footing, concrete wedge anchors would be used. For ground installations, a 30 inch rebar anchor (pin anchor) is the standard anchoring system. We recommend that for ground installations that you always purchase the optional

What sizes are available for carports and garages?

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For most of our carports and garages, the standard sizes are displayed below. However, if the standard sizes are not suitable for your application, please call us and we will do our best to assist you with your need! 12 x 21 12 x 26 12 x 31 12 x 36 12 x 41 18