• Metal barns Mansfield TX

All Aspects Corp Buildings line of metal barns use either a 14 Gauge or 12 Gauge Galvanized Steel Frame and standard 29 Gauge steel panels. We offer both non-rated units use throughout most of Texas and Oklahoma. We also offer Engineer certified barns that are rated for 130 MPH wind and 30 PSF snow loads. Choose from three styles of metal barns using our vertical, boxed eave, and regular roof systems

The modular concept of All Aspects Corp’s buildings allows for flexibility in the design and build process of the metal barns. Countless configurations, three roof systems, and a variety of options along with 13 exterior color choices makes it easy to customize and design to fit your needs.

Regular Style

Metal Barns Regular Prices

Boxed Eave Style

Metal Barns Boxed Eave Prices

Vertical Style

Metal Barns Vertical Prices

Available Colors