• The Standard is perfect if you need a storage shed to protect your valuables, but you want to stay on a budget. The 4′ side walls mean this shed fits into smaller spaces. The dual pitch of the roof allows for plenty of headroom despite the smaller profile of the building.

  • The Standard is the traditional ‘mini-barn’ storage shed. Sanford Lapp started building these in 1983, and we’ve never stopped. Our customers tell us they love the combination of classic good looks, affordable price and versatility of the Standard storage shed.

  • Sizes Available: 8×8 to 12×40

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  • The Original has been a best seller for more than three decades. The style is similar to the Classic (our popular garage shed) but the Original has large wood double barn doors that swing open wide to easily store all of your stuff. The Original is great as hobby sheds, a place to park your lawn mower or simply store all of your extra stuff

  • The Original has a classic A-frame roof that fits into any neighborhood. It’s an economical choice that has a lot of options available for making it your very own.

  • Available Sizes: 8×12 to 16×40.



  • The Sanford is one of the original Woodtex shed styles, and it has been a popular choice since we opened our shop in 1983. It’s similar to the Lincoln but has double barn doors on the end of the building rather than in the side walls.

  • The Sanford is a favorite of customers and Woodtex family alike, and we named it after our founder Sanford Lapp. His legacy is one of hard work, thrift, and love of family. The Sanford may be just right for your yard as you make room for the important things in life.

  • Sizes Available: 8×12 to 12×40.



  • The Lincoln is a very popular storage shed model due to the versatility of the double wood barn doors on the side and the lofts on each end. Very useful for backyards and farmettes of any size, you can use the Lincoln as a workshop for a home business, a hobby shop, or even storage for hay and other farm supplies.

  • Our owner and CEO’s oldest son is named Lincoln, and we wanted to honor the Lapp family’s multi-generational commitment to quality prefab storage sheds by naming this popular gambrel roof model after him.

  • Sizes Available: 8×12 to 16×40.



  • The Heritage Garden Shed offers a touch of class to your yard, with 10″ overhangs and a steeper roof pitch. Natural light flows freely in through both the larger windows and the transom windows in the doors. Add a dormer to give sheds like this additional headroom and even more natural light.

  • This garden shed is named after one of our core values: Heritage. We’re proud of our past, and we’re excited about our future. Create your own legacy with the Heritage Garden Shed. The Heritage makes an excellent storage shed, garden shed, or a place to pursue your hobbies.

  • Sizes Available: 8×12 to 12×40